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Express Services are designed for the person on the go. Time-efficient treatment with optimum results!
40 MINUTES $130
Alpha or beta hydroxy acid are used to exfoliate the skin. This treatment is best foracne-prone and oily skin. Treatment includes cleanse, extraction, steam and mask. This express service is designed to specifically treat problem skin in less time. FOR BEST RESULTS:Complete a series of at least 4 treatments in 3-4 week intervals. 6 months - 12 months for maximum results.
40 MINUTES $140
Great for dull, hyperpigmented or acne skin.
This chemical peel gets rid of dead skin to
brighten and even skin tone. For all skin types (except sensitive or rosacea skin) with irregular pigmentation. Carefully formulated for creating an even skin tone and texture for darker skin types. Perfect for hyperpigmentation and melanoma. This peel has special time release molecules. Peel stays on the skin overnight and is rinsed in the morning. FOR BEST RESULTS: Complete a series of at least
60 MINUTES $115
A customized botanical facial to help
hydrate and nourish all skin types.
Deep cleansing and toning followed by a steam, exfoliation, massage, hot towels, extractions and treatment masque. 
40 MINUTES $135
Vitamin C facial will brighten, hydrate and firm skin.
This facial is packed with antioxidants and an
ultrasonic cleansing to give a radiant exfoliation. It’s a deep pore cleansing facial to cleanse skin of toxins. An ultrasonic cleanse will give the skin a deeper exfoliation and extract blackheads from pores. Next, a hydrating Vitamin eye mask is applied to de-puff, brighten and firm. This facial includes hot towels, steam, antioxidants, and a stem cell and green tea mask to firm and purify. All of these vitamins and minerals will help restore skin luminosity.
40 MINUTES $140
A quick, safe and effective form of exfoliation for all skin types and colors. Diamond-tipped applicator with a slight suction to remove dead or damaged skin cells. Skin will appear softer, smoother, brighter, clearer, fresher and younger looking. This facial include steam, extractions and hot towels. 
40 MINUTES $195
 Skin Care Packages
4 Forty Minute Microdermabrasion Package 


                  4 Forty Minute Chemical Peel Treatments 

Treatment where gentle fruit acids are ap-
plied to the skin to even out complexion, treat acne and oily skin.
Package of 3 
2 Forty Minute treatments. Your choice Chemical Peel/Microdermabrasion and (1)sixty minute facial
Package of 3 
3 Forty Minute Treatments
One Chemical Peel, One Microdermabrasion, & One AquaFacial
Lighten Up Peel
4 Lighten Up Chemical Peels 
This facial is great for dull hyper pigmented
or acne skin.TCA peel gets rid of dead skin to brighten
and even skin tone. This peel stays on the skin overnight.
AQUA-FACIAL & Micro Combo
40 MINUTES Package of 4 
Aquafacial combined with Microdermabrasion. The Ultimate Facial. Your skin will thank you!
Aquafacial is a non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates and protects facial skin. AquaFacial is recognized as a solution for improving the appearance and texture of the skin quickly and easily.  Aqua-facial  is a revolutionary treatment. It’s an advanced facial treatment that won’t disappoint you!
Aquafacial is an advanced version of HydraFacial, and celebrities are raving about the results they have achieved with Aquafacial.Aquafacial is a facial treatment like no other, and we are excited to tell you all about it.