Everything you need to know about Brazilian(Begone Bikini)

 Everything you need to know about Brazilian(begone bikini) Waxing!

Brazilian waxes differ from regular bikini waxes because hair is removed in the front ,back and everything in between. Sometimes a “alluring strip” is left in the front,but many clients opt for the “begone bikini” where everything is removed.

How Much Hair Should You Have?

A general rule of thumb is that hair needs to be 1/4 inch (about the length of a grain of rice) if it’s fine, a half-inch if it’s coarse. This is typically 3-4 weeks of hair growth.Any shorter and it’s too hard for the wax to grab onto. You’ll be sent home if hair isn’t long enough.

I usually recommend a basic bikini wax for waxing newbies because they tend to be less painful and allow you to dip your toe in the water, so to speak  But if you’re ready to jump all in and get a Brazilian bikini wax, here’s what to expect.

What Happens When You Arrive

Most waxings occur in a private room with a door and take about 30 minutes. You’ll be left alone to remove everything from the waist down and lie on a table covered in clean paper or sheets. It is possible that you may be provided with a paper thong and if not, you can ask for one.

The paper thong may make you feel more comfortable, but with a Brazilian, your modesty is going to be tested. TheEsthetician is going to see everything, so you may choose to forego the paper thong.

How to Cut Down on the Pain

  • If you are new to waxing, I don’t recommend starting with a Brazilian. Try a “nice and neat” bikini instead. After a few waxes, you’ll find the waxings are much less painful. Then you can graduate to a Brazilian.
  • Book the appointment for at least a week after your period.
  • Get waxed regularly every 4-6 weeks. If you wait longer or only get waxed a couple times a year, it will be much more painful.
  • Find a salon that uses a “hard wax” which when used correctly can be much less painful than the commonly used soft wax — the melted kind that’s applied and then ripped off with strips of muslin paper. Once applied, hard wax hardens as it cools, shrink-wrapping individual hairs. The wax is then gently pulled off.
  • I recommend taking 2 ibuprofen or acetametiphan an hour before your wax.
  • If, after the wax, you later develop bumps, redness or ingrown hairs, gently exfoliate the area with alpha hydroxy acid(the word “acid” makes it sound like it will sting, but it doesn’t).  See your Esthetician for suggestions. To keep ingrown hairs at bay, exfoliate the area in the days leading up to your appointment..
  • “Getting waxed religiously every four-six weeks — throughout the entire year, not just during the bare-all summer months — is the secret to both less pain and better results.Why every 4-6 weeks? That’s typically the exact time it takes for your hair to hit that magical 1/4th inch length. If you have coarser hair, or hair that doesn’t grow fast, you may be able to hold off up to 6 weeks.